Gen. 7:2 You shall take with you seven each of every clean animal, a male and his female; two each of animals that are unclean, a male and his female;

Why the difference? Because Noah and company ate up to 5 of the CLEAN animals (for food) and did NOT eat the "unclean animals."

Sorry, no plot hole.

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Hi john always been a fan of your unbiased opinion since your days on "race around the world" or whatever the fuck it was so thanks for the continuation from then to such gems as your further work "vs god" etc...music jamboree never was fortunate enough to hear much of what you said on radio but soon enough ill read your book, send me a signed copy and ill read it sooner lol.

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Hi John,

I think God is secretly laughing at the big bungle he made in giving people power over all the sentient beings on earth. He expresses this in subtle ways throughout the Hebrew Scriptures, which many people take soooo seriously and sooooo miss the point

I thus think your humour is onto something here. Have you ever considered yourself as a potential prophet or even a Messiah (not a naughty boy of course), as your wit certainly has a heavenly aroma, and picks up the Scripture subteltlies most mortals don't recognize. AND the world needs much much more of it.

If interested let others know as I'm sure there are many disciples in training just waiting to get on board (not the ark of course_), plus I subscribe to Seek and currently there are no contenders for prophet or messiah being advertised, so the position may well be yours by default. (with the rabbi's blessing of course). He is back at shul this Shabbat but is travelling icognito. I hope we recognize him after soooo long away

KInd Regards

Marcel Saxone

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Just to be picky, many sacrifices (including the korban tamid, offered twice a day every day once the Tabernacle was in business) were completely burned on the altar so that God could get a hit from the sweet aroma (rayach nikocach).

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